Roseate Spoonbill Preening Acrylic Giclee

Barbara Fallenbaum

Painting of a Roseate Spoonbill preening.  Gorgeous at a distance, bizarre up close until you fall in love with their splendor. They forage in the shallows of fresh, brackish, and marine waters. After they come out of the water they preen. Certain times of the year they molt and preen. Preening is how they clean themselves, bending sometime to look like a feathered heart.

    • This beautiful acrylic print is perfectly color matched, produced in the United States. Printed on luster paper creating a beautiful vibrance and mounted on to 1/4" thick transparent acrylic - giving you a vivd, bright and seemingly three-dimensional piece of art.
    • Size is 10" x 20" with a french cleat wall mount - can be ordered in larger sizes.
    • These are issued in signed numbered limited editions of 250
    • The logo watermark that you may see on your screen will not be on the print you receive.
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