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Roseate Spoonbill In Green - Acrylic Print

Barbara Fallenbaum

Original Oil Painting of a Roseate Spoonbill in brackish water, water is reflecting the trees, bushes and the Spoonbill.

They forage in the shallows of fresh, brackish, and marine waters.  They were once hunted for their beautiful plumes, fortunately that is now illegal.  I saw this one morning in the Weedon Island Preserve, I was watching it run its bill from side to side in the water when all the sudden it picked its head up and stretched showing off all its glory.  What a beautiful site!

  • This beautiful acrylic print is perfectly color matched and produced in the United States. Printed on luster paper creating  a beautiful vibrance and mounted on to 1/4" thick transparent acrylic - giving you a vivd, bright and seemingly three-dimensional piece of art.
  • These are issued in signed numbered limited editions of 250

  • The logo watermark that you may see on your screen will not be on the print you receive.

  • Size 12" x 16" with french cleat wall mount

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