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Mated Anhingas Acrylic Print

Barbara Fallenbaum

Painting of a pair of mated Anhingas.  Anhinga courtship behavior is a joy to watch.  During mating season, they develop extra crest feathers on the head, the flesh around they eyes turns a bright emerald green.  The males performs fancy moves from high flying and soaring through the air,  to flapping wings alternately and bending his head low, extending the tail to the shy.   Once the females accepts, the male brings her nesting material and she builds a platform in a bush low over water.

    • This beautiful acrylic print is perfectly color matched, produced in the United States. Printed on luster paper creating a beautiful vibrance and mounted on to 1/4" thick transparent acrylic - giving you a vivd, bright and seemingly three-dimensional piece of art.
    • Size is 10" x 20" with a french cleat wall mount - can be ordered in larger sizes.
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