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Brown Pelican Squadron - Hand Embellished Giclee Painting - Petite #9/250

Barbara Fallenbaum

Barbara Fallenbaum's Signature Framed Giclee of a group of Brown Pelicans floating in V-formation.  Brown Pelicans are a large unique bird that lives on shorelines in colonies of thousands. Brown Pelicans have a wingspan of about 6.5 feet, are truly graceful in flight, can be seen soaring just above the water's surface. A group of pelicans will fly in a V-formation, which is where the nick name squadron" came from.   I have seen them in our cove floating in that same formation.
      • A hand painted giclee takes it to the next level, by having the artist hand embellish the print by painting on it.  This adds originality making the giclee painting more unique.    A good remarque further blurs the line between an original and a giclee.  They are then mounted into a custom frames (made in my studio) with our Signature finish.  Acrylic is mounted above the Giclee Painting with metal standoffs.  Each one is signed and numbered so that there is only a limited number of the image.  Each one being a Unique Original.

      • The image measures 11" x 14" with frame 18" x 15"  x .75" deep.

      • These are issued in signed limited editions of 250

      • The logo watermark that you may see on your screen will not be on the print you receive.

      • This can be ordered in a different size...there are two variations.
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