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Moon Light Great Blue Heron Collection

Barbara Fallenbaum's Original Painting of a Great Blue Heron hunting by moon light.
Great Blue Herons are the largest heron in North America.  Often seen standing silently along inland rivers, lakeshores, and coastal waters.  They can hunt day and night because they have great night vision.
We have one that lives in our area and see it often standing on our dock, in our pool area or flying across the cove squawking because someone disturbed him.  

He is simply beautiful and enjoyable to watch.

You have several options with this image:
  • A Giclee Painting in a size that suits your space - can be ordered unframed or framed with our solid wood double floater frame, each one custom finished with and undercoat of metallic glaze and a nice cream crackle top coat
  • Acrylic Print
  • Stand off framed Hand Embellished Giclee in two different sizes
  • Original Oil