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Mated White Great Egrets Collection

Original Painting of a pair of white Great Egrets in mating plumage.
The majestic white Great Egret gets more dressed up during mating season.  A patch of skin on its face turns neon green, and long plumes grow from its back.  Those plumes nearly brought the white great egret to extinction during the late 1800 when they were hunted for these aigrettes (long plumes).  Saw this pair off to themselves at Fort DeSoto Park preening and cooing. 
You have several options with this image:
  • A Giclee Painting in a size that suits your space - can be ordered unframed or framed with our solid wood double floater frame, each one custom finished with and undercoat of metallic glaze and a nice cream crackle top coat
  • Stand off framed Hand Embellished Giclee 
  • Original Oil